Case Studies

In a commoditised market, how do you effectively prompt re-evaluation of premium fuel buying behaviour across Europe?

This study was conducted in three markets - the UK, Poland and Greece - together representing a range of different market and customer stages of development. We helped to refine a number of concepts elaborating the range of benefits of premium fuel and the best means of articulating these by market.
How is it possible to align communications across a range of different sales channels and diverse customer types?

This was a UK wide study for mobile telecommunications which explored the range of customer information requirements at each stage of the purchase process and beyond. We needed to be exhaustive in our approach and we were!  At the end of the programme of research we were able to recommend specific initiatives to maximise potential for sales and to engender on-going brand loyalty tailored to individual customer types.
In a category where no individual brand stands for anything, how do you build equity for yours?

For this study, research was required in both the UK and USA. Using mini-groups we explored brand dimensions and response to a number of creative executions (as well as their underlying ideas) intended to build brand equity. At the end of the process we were able not only to identify the strongest idea upon which to build, but also clear guidelines for future creative development.
We have a new product idea we believe in but how do we convincingly communicate its unique benefits?

Conducted in the UK, the client was convinced of the validity of the new product idea that was failing to be supported by quantitative research. An investigation into how best to communicate the idea to potential customers revealed the problem to be in the manner of benefit articulation. Our recommendations led directly to dramatically improved response to the idea now being developed to prototype.
Our product is a winner but sales are disappointing - what's the problem?

We were tasked with identifying the root cause or causes for disappointing sales in the UK for a product that had enjoyed huge success in other European markets. We placed the product for two weeks with consumers who kept detailed diaries. We wanted to be able to contrast their experience of the product with the reality of 'non-purchase'. Through this process we were able to identify the cause of the problem to be rooted in packaging and communications and provide specific recommendations as remedies.